Digest: Oct-Dec

31 Dec

Here’s some of the posts that you may have missed from the final quarter of 2012. These are among my favorites from this time period. Which ones have you enjoyed? Feel free to comment below, and use the buttons at the bottom of each post to pass them along to others who might enjoy them.

If you have just recently found this site, you may want to look back at some older posts from 2011 & 2012: Digest: Aug-Sept & Digest: Oct-Dec & Digest: Jan-Mar & Digest: Apr-Jun & Digest: July-Sept.

Inescapable ‘We’ (Oct 11) > a new sense of identity

Fumbling Worship (Oct 25) > how perfect am I?

One Random Arrow (Nov 29) > a poem about man’s defenses

Supply-Side Faith (Nov 30) > the challenges of balancing the checkbook

A Mature Democracy (Dec 12) > next steps towards America’s greatness

Do Not Fear (Dec 20) > fear means missing the Messiah

Santa: Desperate for Faith (Dec 24) > Santa needs people; God wants people

Review: Followership (Dec 28) > a look at Barbara Kellerman’s endorsement of the subordinate

Resolved. (Dec 29) > who else is involved in my New Year’s resolution?

In addition, I have a second blog which has been running for the last several months: 2 Years of Psalms

Thanks for reading!

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