Last Updated 7/24/13

One of the joys of writing is to feel like your readers are getting to know you. I think God feels this way when we read the Bible and get to know Him.

And so, here’s my silhouette, an outline of who I am based on what’s been revealed in the posts on this site.

You can of course learn some other things about me by perusing my Writings page, my other blog, or my online profile.

* My wife and I have a routine of reading aloud to one another; we lived overseas; I grew up going to church; I attended seminary; I have a poor memory; I’m a slow reader (Routine Remembrance)

* I speak another language; I’ve had a variety of roles: son, brother, husband, student, teacher, co-worker, administrator, editor, author, tenant, leader, computer repairman, A/V technician (Are You, You?)

* I’ve had several roles overseas; most of my work is done on a laptop; I’m a Floridian (Centers of Presence)

* I’ve witnessed several hurricanes (From Mercy to Arrogance)

* I’m currently facing a significant life decision (The Million Dollar Question)

* I’m pursuing photography as a hobby (What makes an “-er”?)

* I enjoy reading and writing (Violets Aren’t Blue)

* I’m pretty bad at asking questions (Merely Rhetorical?)

* I’ve been to Thailand several times, and never ridden an elephant there (No Elephants)

* I’ve studied several languages (Eloquence of Anger)

* I had salmonella earlier in 2011; I believe that Jesus Christ has delivered me from all future punishment and condemnation (The Pit of Eternity)

* I attended a large public university that is known as a football and basketball school; I’m American (My ID is We)

* I did meeting room setup as a job in college (What’s the difference?)

* I’ve been to Seattle (Unremarkable)

* I currently don’t have a home of my own; I got engaged nearly 6 years ago (Good News)

* I’ve always been a little obsessed with productivity and efficiency (Efficient?)

* I attend church (Congregate)

* I’m a home-body (Grace for the Moment)

* I’ve lived in two countries outside the U.S. (A Holiday of Intentionality)

* I have a nice sounding, loud voice (Words of Beauty?)

* I’m looking forward to eternity, where no passports and no time zones are needed (Looking Forward To)

* I wouldn’t characterize myself as being religiously charismatic (Charismatic Interest?)

* I love writing, but haven’t done much creative writing lately (Writings Page)

* My wife and I both have food allergies; I don’t make a lot of money; I’m a brown-bag lunch guy; I’ve been to Japan (Luxury or Life?)

* I’ve lived and traveled much in Asia (What am I?)

* I enjoy reading the 19th century classics (I Can’t Read)

* I’m a cat person (A Dog’s Disobedience)

* You might infer that I have an affinity for the University of Florida; I was in a fraternity in college (Who Do You Play For?)

* I think Alice in Wonderland is a fantastic book (For Whom Do You Play?)

* My wife and I have gluten allergies; I’ve lived in countries that don’t permit freedom of speech (Without)

* I have a large personal DVD collection; I was a bit of a mall rat as a kid (Acquisition)

* I worked for the state House of Representatives when in eighth grade (Mr Smith Went Where?)

* I’ve finally come to the conclusion of my significant life decision (Sad, Good, Bye; see above The Million Dollar Question)

* I’m currently a graduate student in mathematics (Mathematics for Faith)

* My favorite soft drink is Cherry Coke, and I also really like Reese’s Pieces (Cherry Coke)

* I also like tea (Coffee)

* I’m just now learning to drive stick-shift (First Gear)

* I’ve never picked up hitchhiker before (Picked Up Along the Way)

* My birthday is April 4 (I was born on Good Friday), and I turned 32 in 2012 (Completion Celebration)

* I’m a Star Wars fan (May Our Thoughts Be With You!)

* I don’t have children (Have You Got a Family?)

* I wear facial hair (Insatiable)

* I have a penchant for stockpiling office supplies (You Practice Like You Prepare)

* I love fairytales and mythology (What’s the Story?)

* I don’t see myself as much of a conversationalist (Getting the Message)

* I’m not sure if I would label myself as a blogger (Am I a Blogger?)

* I’m currently living as an ex-patriot (Passports & Sour Cream)

* I’m a home-body (Hospital-ity)

* I’m not a leader (Follower = Failure?)

* I live in a very pretty place (Undeserved)

* I’m not ordained (Reverend)

* I can’t walk and pray at the same time (Practicing Prayer?)

* I’m not big into surprises or anticipation (Knowing the End)

* I am desperately in search of passion and pursuit in my life (Grab a Hold)

* I’m really bad at Yahtzee (Letting Go)

* My wife is an incredible support and encouragement to me (It’s Been a Year)

* I’m beginning to find my passion…in people (Emotion Ocean)

* I’m not a night owl (More Grace for the Moment)

* My wife and I work together from home (Inescapable ‘We’)

* I attend an Anglican church (Fumbling Worship)

* I have experienced God’s unexpected provision (Supply-Side Faith)

* the topic of followership is an important one to me (Review: Followership)

* I journal regularly (The Magical Myth of the New Year)

* I dislike going to new places by myself (Holding the Hand of God)

* I enjoy board games, but tend not to be terribly competitive (Excellence through Motivation)

* I don’t have an overwhelming sense of justice (Excruciating Injustice)

* My long-term journey of discovering passion continues…but is making progress (Alive)

* I try to be a keen observer of culture (Am I the teacher of Italy?)

* I’m on the verge of entering a more intentional season of writing (In the Midst)

* I think Sunday is a day for work (The Work of Children)

* I am growing in my appreciation for cooking (Developing a Virtual Palate?)

* I’m still chipping away at my Masters in Math (Aftermath)

* I’ve written some Bible study materials (Designed for Relationship)

* I’m embarking on the spiritual discipline of Contemplative Photography (Contemplative Photography #1 & #2)

* My wife and I like to walk and hold hands (In Step)

* I’ve begun attending an Anglican church in the last year (Speak Peace)

Have you learned anything else about me from the posts on this blog?


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