The Girl of My Dreams

Written in 2001. Inspired by this vision in the clouds, where I saw the figure of a bride.






The Girl of My Dreams

There she is, a vision, a dream
And I curiously wonder, “Is she all that she seems?”
Floating and flittering so far away
And I wonder if she’ll ever be here one day

An infinite distance between us exists
I look and I see, and so I persist
Hoping that each day will not stay the same
And soon enough an arm’s length is all ‘twill remain

She seems perfect, all I imagined, and perhaps even more
And only now do I know that a surprise might be in store
For the whole of my knowledge exists in a dream
And I really know nothing of the truth of her being

But how, oh how, to know all for sure
Can I stretch out my hand straight out to her
Or will doing so cause my vision to shatter
As the wisps of my dreams by my own hand are scattered

It’s a risk to be taken, and yet I don’t know
Is it really all worth it when it might hurt me just so
Is reality all that it’s cracked up to be
Or can I safely cling to the vision I see

Ignorance is bliss, but to dream is divine
And along with my thoughts I can easily find
All of the things in life that I need
Except for one thing: to have her here with me

To try to have and to hold
Might mean letting go
And then, oh where would I be
I might have to risk all
Set myself for a fall
And move on from my own fantasy

But is that what I want, to truly know her
Or would I rather just live with my life as a blur
I think above all, I’d just like the truth
And as I take a step forward, I now say that “I do”


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