Digest: Jan-Mar

30 Mar

Here’s some of the posts that you may have missed from the first part of 2012. These are among my favorites from this time period. Which ones have you enjoyed? Feel free to comment below, and use the buttons at the bottom of each post to pass them along to others who might enjoy them.

See also: Digest: Aug-Sept & Digest: Oct-Dec

During the month of January, I launched my online photo gallery.

I also continued to develop my Writings page, an archive of poetry, short stories, and essays.

A Culture of Returns (Jan 1) > no more caveat emptor!

Luxury or Life? (Jan 2) > the cost of eating out

The Serenity of Sunsets (Jan 4) > reflections of majesty

What am I? (Jan 5) > me and my qi

Not Kansas…But Where? (Jan 6) > home is where…my closet is?

A Dog’s Disobedience (Jan 12) > living in spite, hoping for mercy

Who Do You Play For? (Jan 16) > we’re all on a team…or should be

Without (Jan 21) > the meaning of freedom

Acquisition (Jan 23) > the mystery of hobby-shopping

Mr Smith Went Where? (Feb 7) > the distaste for democracy

Under a Rest (Feb 11) > work to rest or rest to work?

Success at 6 Takes 7 (Feb 16) > we must push ourselves beyond the goal

Mathematics for Faith (Feb 21) > God is sending me to school

Cherry Coke (Feb 27) > attaching worth to what’s hard to come by

First Gear (Mar 18) > that difficult first stage

Picked Up Along the Way (Mar 27) > the power of lasting hitchhikers…er, friendships

Overwhelmed (Mar 29) > my capacity to receive generosity

Thanks for reading!

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