A Pointing to God

Written in the 1990s.

A Pointing to God

At times indeed mistakes are made
Minute after minute and day after day
But one cannot just be afraid
Sometimes one does go all the way

And sometimes that way is just too far
And none do know what the consequences are
But still the price must be paid
And so, for this, I must say

I’m sorry for putting my boyish self where
I disregarded your very own welfare
Without taking pause, a tear did I cause
To roll down the cheek of one for whom I care

Forgiveness I ask and receive from heaven
Many more times than seventy and seven(1)
But still I need to get right with you
For the wrongful actions that I do

Apologies and sorries can I give
But those will not help you to happily live
Only one man can give that advice
His name, of course, is Jesus the Christ

“Do not let your hearts be troubled
Neither let them be afraid”(2)
For the Lord your God is with you
And loves what He has made

And naught can ever separate
You from the love of One so great(3)
And never ever do forget
The Lord your God is with you yet

Nothing can happen that He knows of not
And no one can hurt you for God is our rock
Our fortress, deliverer, yes these three(4)
The Lord our God with you indeed

Perfect is He in every way
Lean and trust on what He does say
And cast aside all childish words(5)
Hearken to what from the Lord you have heard

And it will happen that man lets you down
But never is there need for your heart to frown
For God the Almighty wears all of the crowns
And opens the door so you hear the sound
Of the one true voice with power to save
A voice filled with victory over the grave
With words so holy, pure, and true
That were meant, one hundred percent, for you

Set your heart upon God, lean not on me(6)
For I did not die for you on that tree
And know for sure that He’ll never do
One wrong thing, like I’ve done to you

1. Matthew 18:21-22
2. John 14:27
3. Romans 8:35-39
4. Psalm 18:2
5. I Corinthians 13:11
6. Proverbs 3:5


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