Santa’s Helper or Greedy Gremlin?

Written Christmas 2001. Inspired by this vision in the clouds, where I saw a figure that looks like an elf.

Santa’s Helper or Greedy Gremlin?

Small and simple though he seems
Is he really kind or mean
Does he laugh and play a trick
Or is there evil intent to wit

I cannot tell, it’s hard to know
Which way this little guy tends to go
Small and subtle though he be
Hard indeed for me to see

Can I trust his little smile
Or must I wary of his guile
Is he trying to deceive
Or merely making a toy for me

They come in so many shapes and sizes
Leprechauns and hobbit guises
So what can I do to look and see
Just what they have in store for me

Good things come in smallish packages
It can be hard to see their value-glow
But evil exists in the smallest savages
The devil’s in the details, I know

So many chances to be deceived
Evil creeps in on hands and knees
But care must be taken so as not to throw
The virtue away as a chance to grow


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