Together, With Gratitude

Written from a thankful heart to the many people that have given care and help to us over the years (Sept 12, 2013).

Together, With Gratitude

Born in need,

Grown up to see

That it’s never really changed

Throughout our lives

Always our cries

Raised aloud for want and pang

Heart’s desire,

But what can transpire?

My hopes on me alone can’t hang

Then comes along

Someone with a similar song;

Suddenly the need’s defanged

A barrier once

First me, now us

And so no longer harangued

A vision seen,

Now reality’s been

Brought about through the mixing of hands

Tears and thanks:

Prayers and banks

Given for the sake of my plans?

What can I say

You’ve given this way

God among us truly does stand

On you go

Time after time you show

Your giving’s not just of one hand

Again and again

You offer, no end

What my heart and my life yet demand

I alone can’t supply

But you do, none deny

And thus have we formed a band

Not easily broken

Not trifle, mere token

In sync with our song and our plan

After a verse or two

I must tell you

Gratitude is the feeling I have


Vibrant living

Music singing

Soul uplifting

Because you came

And supplied

For my soul’s deepest cries.


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