Baptism of Love

Written in the 1990s.

Baptism of Love

One day, or many, alone I walked,
And to myself I did then talk:
Thinking and wondering and looking to see,
That piece that was lost, so vital to me.

Then I gazed up to the sky above,
And saw up there the roots of love.
I followed them up the stem and the tree,
And there found my love, waiting for me.

Perched upon those branches high,
I did for that love there yearn and cry.
And held aloft my hand so bold,
To grasp that warmth and always it hold.

Then to my wonder and also delight,
A dove on my finger then did alight.
Looking at me with purest eyes,
Asserting the love of He, so wise.

So I smiled and looked and my heart then did leap,
And still this dove made not a peep.
And then did I know his identity,
When the Spirit did say, “I’m now in you, you see.”


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