Written in 1995.


Time, ah, yes, it fades away,
But yet is here, from day to day.
Ebbing, flowing, moving on,
Morning to night, dusk till dawn.
So little of it are we given;
We waste away our finite livin’.
Never knowing when it ceases,
We take bad habits so it decreases.

Still not seeing while it’s here:
Wasting away, year after year.
Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.
It seems, of time, there’s never plenty.
So, why idle, do we sit?
Complaining often, throwing a fit?
When instead, good stewards be,
For we have it not, eternally.

So make good use while you are here.
Fill it with love, and joy, and cheer.
Remember to have fun, never forget:
Live life to the fullest, don’t worry or fret.
Surround yourself with friends so true,
For things you cannot take with you.
Don’t waste your life on reason or rhyme;
Always hold sacred the sweet gift of time.


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