Originally written April 2011.


How much have I been forgiven, Lord?

Indeed I cannot say

Not because I’m awed by the depth of grace

But because I live not reflectively


I have not a story of fore and aft

A picture of the then and now

But only that I belong to You

And sometime redeemed somehow


A woman loved a lot did serve

She knew her debt of sin

I served a lot indeed myself

But from a love more thin


And yet I’ve learned to love much more

But hit my limitation

The ugliness of my sin, I find

Beyond my observation


So without this clarity

I yet indeed bow my knee

Serve because of what I see

Instead of from humility


In the Father’s economy

It’s broken vessels that He needs

But in the mirror I’ve yet to see

That cracks are rife within me


Perhaps it is a boy’s mistake

The mirror held has a break

And thus I find the cracks I see

To be in it and not in me


This looking glass cast aside

A new one to replace

So that when I gaze upon

I’ll finally see my face


Not dimly but with clarity

And finally know the cracks therein

And understand the truth of me

The depth of my own sin

And then




and love

Will bind my heart to Him


And then

The service that I long to give

Can finally be sincere

Born not through eager zealotry

But instead on streams of tears

Weeping for the grace received.


Other poems of mine can be found here on my Writings page.


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