Written in the 1990s.


Looking to the future,
A rising sun I see.
A life, no doubt, fulfilling,
But still with diff’culty.

The storm-clouds they may gather,
And rain their fury down on me,
But I will never stagger;
My steps not taken lightily.

So what is there to stop me?
Naught can drown my burning wish.
The lightning tries to shock me,
But knows not what to do it with.

I am ready for my trip;
My lessons learned quite well.
I have myself now all equipped;
Awaits me now, the wooded dell.

And as I journey to it,
I wonder if I’ll still see,
My hopes and dreams from the sun,
Piercing through its canopy.

They are with me always,
Always warming and guiding on,
Even after dusk, so clearly
Even ‘fore refreshing dawn.

So long as they are with me,
My goals, my hopes, my life so near,
I know success is coming,
And so no reason to feel fear.

A matter of time it is right now,
Until the future is today,
When the horizon is pushed back,
And my journey not yet made.

So my eyes stay on the road,
Watching as I take each step.
For each one is another foot,
Of the life I’ve always led.

But this is the way that life does go,
Not a destination true,
Rather, instead a one-time journey,
One that truly makes you, you.


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