This is a Vanity Post

27 Feb

I haven’t blogged for some time here (more than a month!), so perhaps it’s not surprising that I don’t have much to say.

So what is this post about, then?

There’s a little dropdown box in the right hand margin of this blog site which allows you to quickly find posts from previous months. Currently, it shows at least one entry from every month since August 2011 when I first began blogging.

Well, February is almost over, and I realized that if I didn’t post something, then there would forever be a gap in this list, with no entries for Feb 2014.

So, I’m writing this post really out of vanity, or OCD, or something.

It’s been a neat journey to see what role blogging fulfills. In some seasons of life, the need for creative outlet or the processing of ideas takes places well here. In others, like more recently for me, I’ve been finding creative release via photography (expressed on Flickr and FB) and opportunities for contemplating life by engaging in conversation in community and regular journaling.

Thus, at the moment, my blog has sat idle. And I think that’s okay. And if some future season warrants utilizing it again, it’ll be here.

If nothing else, I may well be back in less than 30 days, just to keep my monthly archive up-to-date…unless, of course, I finally grow out of my silly little vanities.  🙂


I have been marginally more active on my other blog:

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