Written in 1995.


The mind, it wanders.
Who knows where?
To save a township from their fear?
A mystery ponder:
Why we do it?
Is there something hidden to it?
Away up yonder,
There exists,
A hidden treasure in a chest.
Do you wonder:
Is it true?
Can I do what heroes do?

We don’t know,
What can be done.
Living a dream, having fun.
Can it grow,
And rise so high,
The stalk off which the giant died?
He who sews,
One blow: killed seven.
Six and one more souls in heaven.
Duck did show,
Not ugly true
Beauty lies within you too.

A lot in store:
Fragile slipper.
Midnight comes, she runs much quicker.
Tales of yore,
Still abound,
Poor Humpty-Dumpty did fall down.
Death and gore:
Are they here?
Do goblins roam and spread their fear?
So much more.
Too profound!
Little men work underground.

These the heralds,
Are they so?
Do you wonder where they go?
Oft retold;
Their lessons learned,
Still the younguns’ ears they burn.
Knights so bold;
Maidens pure.
Are they valid? Are you sure?
Fill the mold,
Tell another,
You never know what you’ll discover…
When you tell a fairytale.


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