Journey of Perfection

Written on the occasion of our 7th wedding anniversary (May 27, 2013).

Journey of Perfection

Seven is perfection

Or so they say

But I think that I tend

To disagree

For eighty-four months

Have we enjoyed bliss

And it seems fair to ask

Can it get better than this?

But I think that it can

Perfection’s not yet

More ways to grow

For us still are left

And so I guess

That we just must go on

Year after year

Until we’ve finally found

That place once achieved

Where there’s nowhere to go

In which few believe

But I hope that you know

That perhaps we might get there

Though likely might not

But either way this I say

That we’ll give it a shot

In the meantime, together

Yes, you and me

On this journey to be

And to do and to see

Just where we might go

And how we might grow

As deeper we know

The seeds He does sow

Happy I am

Anniversary achieved

More years than some dare

Or others believe

But many more I expect

And look forward to

As our love we perfect

And I give my life to you


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