Baptism of Tears

Written in the 1990s.

Baptism of Tears

That day, messengers, those tears
Conveying to me her feelings of fear
Dripping softly upon my shoulder
Held her quietly for I no bolder

With that water I was christened
An everlasting friend to listen
Quietly, strongly all I can do
To take away those feelings of blue

So now I know and more understand
The feelings that flow through hand in hand
Love and trust and calm and caring
Never lonely, always sharing

The same and different am I
For now no reason left to cry
But still there’s reason to always be
A friend, lover, and tissue: three

So whether tissue, or punching bag, or merely a pillow
I’ll always be there when she weeps like a willow
For even the willow tree lives and does thrive
And many do care how well it survives

With an ever-open mind and an always-open heart
I will look with caring eyes right from the start
For anything now can be cast upon me
For between her and I, and He and we
We will survive now, eternally
Our love, in strength, will always be


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