Joy to the World

04 Dec

I can’t help but think about carols at this time of year. How can you escape them? But I don’t want to sing them just because they’re familiar. I want to sing them because they proclaim truth, because they connect me with God, and with my believing Brothers and Sisters. Yesterday, we looked at Silent Night. Today, it’s “Joy to the World” that’s on my heart.

Joy to the World

Verse 1: Get excited, world! The Master of the Universe is finally here! Welcome Him! We each need to ready ourselves to receive Him into our lives–just like the whole earth, the whole cosmos is readying itself to declare His praises! To sing about Him over and over again!

Verse 2: Can you believe it, world? The Deliverer is revealing Himself to everyone! Let’s lift our voices, and sing along as all of nature reflects His glory and declares its excitement at His coming! And declares it again! And then once more!

Verse 3: It’s time for a new era–one no longer characterized by wrongdoing, despair, or struggle. The One who has come is here to pour out salvation to everyone, everywhere! All over the place! To the far corners of the earth!

Verse 4: He is the King, and His reign is characterized by truth and undeserved blessing! The peoples of the world can’t help but bear witness to His matchless goodness and abounding love! His incomprehensible love! His love which causes us to wonder!

May you marvel at the presence of our Savior King among us as you sing these words this Christmas season!

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One response to “Joy to the World

  1. stephanie

    December 5, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    …really loving this series… keep it up!


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