Silent Night

03 Dec

The Thanksgiving holiday is over, so we’re well into the Christmas season now.

One way you know that it’s Christmastime is the prevalence of familiar carols playing over the radio, shopping mall sound systems, and within our churches.

There is obviously something about these tunes that impacts us; the music and lyrics bring comfort, breed familiarity, and play an essential role in our holiday celebrations.

But I wonder how often we actually think about the words, before we jump right in and sing them one more time.

Perhaps it would be helpful to take a fresh look–through my eyes.

“Silent Night”

Verse 1: This night is quiet, different. There is a calmness, a special quality, to this night, centered around that young mother and the little Baby. Sleep well, special Child, sleep well. You’ve got a full life ahead of you….

Verse 2: This night is quiet and special, indeed. But, what’s that! Shepherds are having their minds blown as the skies are illuminated by thousands of angels singing God’s praises! This is the birth of the promised Messiah!

Verse 3: This night is quiet, and unlike all others. There is a special display of the love of God this night. The presence of this Child reveals the outworking of God’s plan to save the world. Jesus, you are King from the very beginning–and for all eternity.

May you be blessed as you sing and contemplate these words this Christmas season!


UPDATE: This post initiated a series of reflections on Christmas carols. Other posts in the series include:

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O Come, O Come Emmanuel

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