God’s Garage

05 Jun
God’s Garage

I just don’t understand it.

I’ve owned my car for about a year, and it’s been plagued with various transmission issues the entire time. Each time, I take it back to the mechanic…sometimes he keeps it for two weeks and sometimes for just an hour…and then the car is running fine again.

Some will read this and think I’m a moron: I keep taking the car back to the same place for repairs, when obviously they haven’t identified “the” issue and taken care of it once and for all.

But I see it differently.

I have third-party warranty coverage on the car, but I know that all of the repairs I’ve had wouldn’t qualify to be covered. And yet, I have never had to pay a dime out of my own pocket. I’ve been in 4 or 5 times, with the only cost to me being some time and a bit of petrol.

I was in this morning, actually. The diagnosis was that I was quite low on transmission fluid (“gearbox oil” as it’s called here). They filled me up and the car ride home was as smooth as ever.

Now certainly this fix wouldn’t be considered some sort of manufacturing fault which would be covered by my warranty. This seems like routine maintenance, wear-and-tear. The mechanic explained what he did, handed me my keys, and said, “Off ya go!”

That’s it? I don’t need to pay anything? I don’t need to even sign something so they can somehow make a claim against my warranty to reimburse themselves for their time and materials?

“Just bring it back in if it gives you any more trouble.”

I don’t get it. But here’s what I know: this place is God’s Garage.

For whatever reason–actually, I know the reason: His goodness, kindness, and generosity–God has decided to use this place to bless me. He’s decided to use those employees–several of whom I know are not Christians due to the Hindu altar I saw in the back–to provide for me, to keep my car running…all while sparing me the financial burdens of the repair costs.

Am I a moron for continuing to take my car back to such a place? I don’t think so. I’m living in gratitude and faith, and He just keeps taking care of me.

He answers prayers. He provides. And even when I don’t ask, He still pours out blessing. In addition to fixing my car, He also lowered my insurance by $750 for this coming year.

I don’t get it, but God’s Kingdom economics–the overflow of His heart for His children–is something really fun to witness and participate in. I’m certainly not interested in taking my “business” anywhere else.


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One response to “God’s Garage

  1. A.H.

    August 18, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    God’s garage comes through once again (14 Aug 2013)! I expected two hours of labor and $270 for a part that needed replacing…instead, it took just an hour and they were able to clean the existing part–no replacement needed, and no charge! I don’t understand it, but God has chosen to use this “business” to pour out blessing after blessing upon us!


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