Just Kidding?

17 Aug

I wrote recently about watching a movie and plugging in the power cord to my laptop, only to discover that the power adapter was no longer working. Then I prayed and God fixed it.

Tonight, my wife and I were setting up to watch another movie. Despite having used my laptop all day, when I plugged in the power cord to watch the film, it again was no longer working. No green power light. A weak electric beeping noise.

My first impulse was to wonder, “God, were you just kidding when you fixed my power cord the other day?”

I didn’t doubt that He did indeed fix it the other day, but to find it broken again was a little perplexing. I waited, got myself into the right frame of heart, and I prayed once again: “God, would you fix it again for me?”

Actually, that’s not true. Before I prayed, I plugged the cord in, unplugged it, waited, then plugged it in again. It still wasn’t working. Then I prayed.

And then God fixed it. Again.

And it’s still on right now.

The rationalist in me wants to analyze the situation. Surely God wouldn’t fix my laptop power cord twice; there must be some other explanation. My mind wants to start running through various possibilities related to the power adapter’s capacitance and electric charge build-up and that sort of thing.

My childlike faith just wants to say, “Cool! It works again! Thanks, Dad!”

He wasn’t just kidding; He simply wanted another chance to demonstrate His goodness to me.

But I must admit: I’m wondering if I shouldn’t think twice about using my computer the next time my wife and I want to watch a movie.


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