Digest: Aug-Sept

10 Oct

Here’s some of the posts that you may have missed from previous weeks. These are among my favorites. Which ones have you enjoyed? Feel free to comment below, and use the buttons at the bottom of each post to pass them along to others who might enjoy them.

Thanks for reading!

In Mercy or In Wrath (Aug 26) > two ways that God can come

Routine Remembrance (Aug 26) > the power of rehearsal

Hi. Can I have…? (Aug 26) > the most important aspects of relationship

From Mercy to Arrogance (Aug 28) > taking God for granted by taking Him out of the experience

What makes an “-er”? (Aug 30) > what does it take to gain expertise?

Merely Rhetorical? (Sept 1) > which questions are the most significant?

No Elephants (Sept 3) > making the most of each experience and opportunity

The Pit of Hope (Sept 4) > the impact of suffering

Eloquence of Anger (Sept 7) > what language are we fluent in?

The Pit of Eternity (Sept 10) > my personal struggles with the contemplation of forever

What’s the difference? (Sept 15) > do our actions have any impact?

Faith for Computers (Sept 18) > do I trust God with the things I think I can control?

Entangled (Sept 21) > by the world, by nothing, or by the things of God?

Wonderland (Sept 23) > the spirituality of wonder

Unremarkable (Sept 29) > lofty perspective and the loss of wonder



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