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Contemplative Photography #3

Contemplative Photography #3

My continuing journey to enter into the depths of myself through the windows of photography.

Ogmore Beach

Ogmore Beach

I see > flags, warnings, markers, a lifeguard rescue board at the ready standing in shallow water that hardly poses a threat; the warnings and rescue share colors, linked together; flags only in the flatland–no danger on the hills beyond? houses afar off–are they the rescuers, or the rescued, or only just observers? A reflection, barely mimicking the original except in color

I feel > Am I in danger? I can see the flags, does their warning apply to me? They seem limiting, so narrow the space between them. Is that the place of greater safety or of harm? Where is the rescuer, surely the board of itself cannot save. The warning is so prominent, dominating the coast; can I enjoy the tranquility despite this ever-present signpost? How many tragedies have occurred here? Many? Any? Are the flags proactive or reactive as they call attention to the need for caution?

I think > What would prompt me to bother entering into the area of warning?–it seems I can see fine from here. Is there something better over there? Am I safer here, or actually at greater risk, farther from the rescue board? I don’t feel fearful or threatened, and perhaps I don’t need to be. Only aware that danger and serenity often inhabit the same spaces.


I welcome you to share your own reflections on this photograph in the comments below, and to peruse my other contemplative pieces and writings.

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