The Sky is Always Blue

15 Nov
The Sky is Always Blue

I’ve lived in some very polluted cities around the world.

Often times, the sky would be hazy with dust and smog. And even when the air was relatively clear, thick clouds would regularly blanket the entire metropolis.

So when a “blue sky day” occurred, it was something that was celebrated indeed!

After many years of living with clouds, I just came to a realization.

Every day is a blue sky day.

Whether we can see it or not, the sky is always blue.

Sometimes there are clouds in the way, but the truth remains: just beyond them, the most brilliant azure color waits to be acknowledged and enjoyed.

IMG_1751_edited-1Today was a cloudy day. Cotton wool stretched across the entire view from my window, but every once in a while, a small fissure appeared revealing the blue beneath. A reminder that an “overcast” day is simply that: one which is covering the reality, but not one that has replaced it. The daytime sky is never dark; only the clouds that intervene between us and it make it seem so.

Today was a cloudy day in other ways as well. Receiving the news from friends of hardship ahead brought a bit of grey into our world. The light is a little harder to perceive and enjoy. The blessing of God seems a little more subtle and farther removed.

But it’s still there.

No matter how many clouds pile up, nor how long they remain, the sky is always blue. The truth of reality does not change, will not change. The Light of the world never grows dim; it just gets shrouded from our eyes from time to time.

And it’s at those moments that we must yet believe that it is still there.

Sometimes, we’re graced with reminders. Little fissures in the wet blankets of life allow us to peer through, to see beyond our immediate circumstances, calling us back to the truth of what always lies beyond, whether we can see it or not.

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One response to “The Sky is Always Blue

  1. Dellene Newcomb

    November 15, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    Very sweet words Allen…made me tear up…shocker! Thanks.


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