A Sigh of Goodness

15 Sep
A Sigh of Goodness

A silver chalice.

Deep, rich, red wine inside.

Brought slowly to my lips.

Just a sip.

Then a sigh…of goodness.

The taste, so good.

It could’ve been common, ordinary.

But it wasn’t.

It was vibrant, full.

Just a moment, but full.

No empty calories, no silent taste buds.

Fullness. Abundance. Goodness.

There are other tastes.

There are other wines.

But they’re not this good.

So why do we desire them at times?

Why are we drawn to chalices less grand and more empty?

Perhaps this chalice is hard to reach for at times.

We have to get past the stone, to come inward.

We have to arise early, rather than staying out late.

We have to face truth and love…and eternity.

It’s not the easiest chalice to grasp,

But it is the best.

Drinking it breathes life into me

And inspires a sigh of goodness.


Other poems of mine can be found here on my Writings page.



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