Contemplative Photography #2

20 Jul
Contemplative Photography #2

This is my second occasion of taking 10 minutes just to reflect on a photograph, to consider its content, themes, and message…as suggested by Howard Zehr in The Little Book of Contemplative Photography. (You may wish to click on the photo below to enlarge it in a second window so that you can see more of the detail.)

Dunraven Coastline

Dunraven Coastline

I see > a rocky wasteland hemmed in by sea and cliffs, fortress-like walls, unscaleable; a narrow strip of safety but not of comfort–temporary; 2 people, one in white, miniscule and so far ahead walking in a place of smoothness; a helicopter just entering in–a heavenly observer; beyond, another coast which I could never reach by walking; coastal rocks in lines set like alligator teeth in a protected car park–be careful not to move the wrong way over them!

I feel > if the tide came in, could I be rescued? Would the people turn back? Would the helicopter descend? How much time have I got? Could I run safely over the rocky wasteland and find community and companionship? Across the ocean, I can see for miles and there is nothing; towards the cliffs, I can’t see beyond and there is nothing. Little oases of green along the way–taunting refreshment, discouraged by saltiness.

I think: there is no clear destination for this journey, just a day-to-day survival and wondering. In these circumstances, dreams are hard to come by, but limitations are apparent and help is uncertain. Do I actually want to be down there? One step forward and I will be. But I can’t imagine that the perspective is any better from there, but somehow I know that it is.

These thoughts remind me of a previous blog post: In the Midst.

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2 responses to “Contemplative Photography #2

  1. Mom

    July 20, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    Really enjoying the photography and the thoughts following. Would love to download the coastline picture as wallpaper. Would that be okay with you? I believe you would have to send me the picture in an email as a download. Would also like to be able to have a book of your photos with thoughts attached. Any plans for doing that someday?

    • A.H.

      July 21, 2013 at 2:10 pm

      If you click on the image, it will open a higher-res version (which may take a minute to load). You can then right-click on it and save it locally. I’m happy for people to enjoy my images for their own personal use.

      I am considering putting together a small photo book of images, likely something self-published to give as gifts to people, and probably not sooner than 2 years from now. I’m currently working on collecting material from my local environment.


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