Dependently Wealthy

06 Feb


After an extended business trip, that was the amount of the hotel bill.

Thankfully, it was not in US Dollars, so it wasn’t quite as bad as it looks, but it was still a significant amount of money.

One of my co-workers said, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be independently wealthy?” There would be a freedom, a lack of concern over limited resources, an enablement to engage in opportunities without financial factors calling the shots.

It indeed sounds nice. But we have something better: the opportunity to be dependently wealthy.

Independent wealth is finite. I have a certain amount of money–as a result of my own labors, inheritance, or some other windfall–and when I spend it, it’s gone. But being dependently wealthy–having one’s riches sourced in someone else–escapes such limitation. When the resources run low, there is more to be passed down. It was never mine, and it was never limited to me, to begin with. There is an enhanced freedom because there is no end in sight of possibilities; there is no bank account balance which slowly decreases with each expenditure. Each purchase simply frees up more space for a brand new deposit from a generous benefactor.

Of course, such a relationship is open to abuse. The “gold diggers” and those in search of a “sugar momma” are not enjoying a deep relationship with an added benefit of resources: rather, they are in search of the stuff, and using the relationship as a means to that end.

But for those that enjoy the resources, the added joy of being dependently wealthy opens up another level of engaging with the world around.

Our interaction with God can look like either of these scenarios: we can chase Him in order to get the stuff from His bank account into ours, or we can love Him and enjoy the added blessing of His lavish, generous handouts, given freely to us in each need (and more often). We can find freedom in His riches, or we can be enslaved to our ledger sheet. We can experience His direct provision, or we can fool ourselves into thinking that we are supplying it all for ourselves.

Regardless of what our culture may say, being dependently wealthy is more freeing than the “independent” kind–if the Person of our dependence is worthwhile. I know my own limitations, and being independent really does me no favors. But if I rely solely on the generosity and kindness of a good heavenly Father, than I am in fact far more independent–set free from the burden of bank balances and the paucity of my own power.


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