It’s Been a Year

26 Aug


One year ago today, I began to blog.

There’s been a lot of life in the last 12 months.

I’ve written 130 entries here, not including the nearly two dozen items on the Writings page.

I completed two courses in a masters in mathematics.

I’ve moved to a new continent.

I’ve launched a second blog: 2 Years of Psalms.

All of these things, and so many more, are thanks to the loving support of my wife. She first setup this page for me, to encourage me in my pursuit of writing.

I wrote 4 posts on the very first day, August 26, 2011; several of them remain among my favorites, quintessential expressions of who I am.

I have continued to admit and explore things about myself, many of which are captured on the Silhouette page.

My hope is that, in the midst of my own journey, others have also found points of contact, items of encouragement and challenge, to contribute to your own perspective on life, faith, and the world.

If you’ve read anything helpful in the last year, perhaps leave a comment attached to this post…dedicated to my wife, L.J. Thank her for inspiring me and moving me forward in my own journey, providing words that God has used in the lives of others for their benefit and growth as well.

I love you, “Bay-Bah.”

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