16 Jul

There’s something about being at home.

Of course, I’m a home-body, with no need for big adventure, and I’m also an introvert, so quiet time at home does me good. My record is not leaving the house at all for 8 days in a row.

I’m pretty proud of that.  🙂

But my home can also be a significant place for other people as well. I like it when people come over and enjoy my place as a space where they relax, rest, feel comfortable, and be at peace. Whether it’s an evening of watching movies, playing games, enjoying dinner…or just an afternoon of sitting together with a warm cup of tea, I enjoy it when my home is a place of refuge for others.

If we choose, we can provide significant care for others through the use of our homes. I think of the sick and infirm, who would much rather be at home than in a hospital bed somewhere. I think of those suffering emotional distress, who really want to sit on your couch or at your kitchen table in order to shed their tears.

While Starbucks is the gathering spot of choice for many social interactions, I don’t see too many people scrambling to get there for a latte, a good cry, and comforting hug.

For those times, nothing beats the home as a place to care for others. Inviting people in, tending to their needs, listening, giving a bed to a weary traveler, life-giving conversation, even a simple time of fun and relaxation…this is the kind of care that no hospital can provide.

Home is very important to me, and as a result, I think my home ends up becoming a place of importance to others.

My wife and I are just settling into our new home; it’s taking shape…slowly. And I wonder: will this home serve others the same way that our previous homes have in the past? Will we care for others here, will we provide a sanctuary, a refuge, a place of peace and rest to people in need?

We will certainly have guests staying with us. Will we function merely as a hospital, taking care of their basic physical needs (place to sleep, meals, shelter from the rain), or will we be able to move into a realm of really providing hospitality, caring for the whole person by welcoming them into our home, into our family?


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