Punishing Rain

02 May

I had a terrible time sleeping last night.

I’ve not been feeling great for the last few days, but I don’t know specifically what prevented me from being able to fall asleep.

While lying awake, I had the chance to listen to a rainstorm, and began thinking about rain.

There are all kinds of rain. Sometimes we picture a steady and firm cleansing sort of rain, which washes away the dirt and grime. Sometimes we envision a gentle drizzle, a romantic rain that serves to underscore the union of two star-crossed lovers.

I live in a state that is known for rain–everything from sun-showers to hurricanes. Last night wasn’t cleansing rain or romantic rain.

It was punishing rain.

It battered the trees and windows. Huge drops, rapidly descending–seeking to demolish.

This type of rain is not unique either, but the question always is: how long will it last? Sometimes, it’s only 3-4 seconds (literally). At other times, it is relentless for 20 minutes or more. Suddenly it comes, and abruptly it ceases. And you can never tell at the outset how long it will remain.

Rain is a good thing. The earth needs it. The plants flourish because of it. But as with most things, too much of it is harmful, damaging, tiring, trying.

During my late night experience of this punishing rainstorm, I felt like I was being reminded of something.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m making a significant work-related move. We are looking forward to the new position, and we’ve been asking God to send us soon. We want to go, we see great potential to be blessed and to be a blessing.

But I’m remembering that it will not be easy. It won’t be sunshine and daisies everyday. It won’t always be gentle drizzle. It will feature times of hurricanes and punishing rains. And we’re asking for it.

It’s not something to go into lightly. It’s not a journey to take unprepared. Any expectations of assuming it will be easy need to be washed away and replaced with the reality that hardships will come.

Will it be a great experience? Will we be blessed and be a blessing? Indeed, I think we will. And…it will have hard times, struggles, and difficulties. There will be seasons when the punishing rain just won’t let up. There will be experiences which can be harmful, damaging, tiring, trying.

We are asking to do this job. We are asking to be sent forward into this work. And last night was a reminder of the totality of what we’re asking for.

Umbrellas and ponchos are available, but the rain comes in many forms–and I’m about to get wet.


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One response to “Punishing Rain

  1. thirstyfool

    May 2, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    I hope you’ll be getting wet really soon! But seriously, this was a poignant and realistic reflection on what is to come.


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