Faith is a Skill

26 Apr

I was recently in a week-long training program, and one of the topics we discussed is how someone’s personality type is often related to their career choice (and suitability).

But we were reminded that personality type doesn’t tell the whole story. There are certain other critical factors that play into one’s potential success in a given role. One of those is skill.

The trainer made the point that, though his personality type was the same as many who serve as members of the clergy, he wouldn’t make a good priest. He lacks skill. Namely, he lacks belief in God.

Interesting: the trainer is saying that faith is a skill.

Is it?

Faith is a gift–that’s clear from the Bible. But a skill?

We can grow in our faith, we can use our faith…maybe it is a skill after all.

In the passage referring to the Armor of God (Eph 6:10-17), faith is depicted as a shield. Shields require skill to use well.

In the 2010 movie How to Train Your Dragon, we learn that the shield is the most essential piece of equipment for cartoon Viking warriors. Their survival in a duel with a dragon depends on their ability to get and use a shield.

Do we look at our faith as a skill? Do we decide that we must invest in learning the ins and outs of our faith, its limitations and potentialities? Do we ask someone to train us in the use of our faith? Do we practice our faith in order to increase its capacity? Do we wield our faith in order to beat back the attacks of the Enemy?

Or do we cower, running around as if we have no weapon at all–nothing but this tiny little piece of defensive equipment which certainly doesn’t appear substantial enough to preserve our lives?

We may not be cartoons. We may not be Vikings. But we will face dragons. And whether we feel like our personality is suitable or not, God has placed us in a role that will require the skill of faith.



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