06 Apr

It’s a strange word.


Looking at it, you might think it means “not ceased” or “un-ceased” as in decode or deconstruct. But it doesn’t. It means that something has ended, usually a life.

Today, Good Friday, we acknowledge that Jesus Christ was crucified–unjustly, terribly, with excruciating pain.

This day commemorates when Jesus became deceased. He died. His life ended.

And the results of His death? That our life might never cease.

He was deceased that we might be de-ceased, that is, that our fate of death might be reversed, and replaced with life that never ends.

So, in this case, deceased does mean “not ceased” or “un-ceased”–not for Jesus, but for us.

It’s a mystery, a wonderful truth. It’s what makes this day of darkness and sorrow, Good Friday, good. Forgiveness and life that never end.

And two days from now, we’ll celebrate the fact that after Jesus was deceased, He too was de-ceased, as He took up His life again in the resurrection and remains alive, with us today.


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