Sad, Good, Bye

14 Feb

Having finally made a significant decision about my next role at work, I have the opportunity to share the news with friends.

One implication of my decision is that I likely won’t see some of these people for at least another three years.

When I shared the news of my imminent three year absence with one woman, her first response was, “Awww, sad….” However, her breath had barely abated before her tone turned to “Good!” Then finally, she concluded her rollercoaster of response with “Bye.”

It was an interesting experience to be on the receiving end of this variety of emotional expressions.

Her statement of sadness was linked to the fact that few persons prefer to leave a place and people that is familiar to them. It’s not so much that this woman would miss me in particular, but she was lamenting my ostensibly undesirable situation.

But the sentiment did not last long, for she quickly realized that the absence I’m undertaking is a worthwhile one, indeed, it may even be considered a divine vocation. As such, to walk according to the life that God is calling one to live is a “good” thing–its expected blessedness far outweighing the grief of a temporary hiatus and forthcoming relocation.

And then, what more can be said? Having acknowledged the reality, the conflictedness of the circumstances, all that remains is the giving of a departing word: “bye.”

Was it a blessing? Perhaps, but more likely it was a simple statement of conclusion. The decision has been made and shared. There is some sadness and grief attached to it, yet it also holds the expectation of fulfillment and making a difference in the lives of others. Sad and good.

What else is there to say?


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