The Serenity of Sunsets

04 Jan

Carlsbad, CA (photo taken by the author)

What is it about sunsets?

There is a certain mystique and majesty associated with this end of the day spectacle that seems to have nearly universal appear.

I took the above picture during a recent trip to Carlsbad, CA. It was indeed an enjoyable sight, but what amazed me even more was to see the incredible draw it held for others. It surprised me to see how many busy Californians pulled their cars over by the roadside to take in the view. Some stopped to look for a long time. Others were busy talking on the phone or eating while they sat in their cars beholding. I even saw someone pull over just long enough in her hybrid electric car to pull out her iPad and snap a quick photo of the event.

What is it about sunsets?

Is it that the sunset is the marker of an ending, a declaration that the day is done? Does it thus provide an opportunity to pause for a moment and to take a breath after a hectic day?

Is it that the sunset is always a unique affair, each day’s descending slightly different from all others, with new cloud formations and colors dancing along the horizon? Is it snowflake-like in its significance, such that a sunset missed can never be experienced again?

Is it that the sunset is a simple work of beauty, calling people to stop and behold it like so many museum pieces? Perhaps not so historically significant as the works of the masters, yet sunsets are emotionally moving and visually delighting–showcasing the work of the Master.

I cannot possibly guess how many sunset photos there are among the (literally) tens of thousands of pictures on my computer hard drive. I remain drawn to try to capture, to try and replicate, the visual experience of beholding a ball of superheated gas as it sinks away from view.

But no matter how many times I try, how many frames I capture, I know that I will continue to be drawn to see sunsets in person. It seems that we can never get our fill of beholding this astronomical spectacle, even though, at its very nature, it is a rather unremarkable result of the rotation of the earth about its axis.

It amazes me that our Creator could imbue such a routine occurrence with such romantic power, such majesty.

But that’s exactly what He does.

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