O Holy Night

16 Dec

This is the 7th post in our exploration of the meaning of well-known Christmas carols. You can find a full list of previous posts in this series at the end of the post on The First Noel.

O Holy Night

Verse 1: This special night, with brightly shining stars, is the night when the Deliverer was born! The world has been languishing in disobedience and unrighteousness…until now! Now that He’s here, we know how valued we are as children of the Heavenly Father. From sadness and fatigue the world awakes into a new era of hope and expectation! The proclamation of the angels should bring us to worship and repentance! This is a special night, a night unlike any other. The Divine Son is born! This unique, God-infused night!

Verse 2: God gives us faith to draw near and behold the miracle of His love! The whole world can bear witness to and heed this call! The Ruler of the Universe, the object of this call, begins His reign from a humble stable. He has come to be a Friend and Deliverer who fully understands our needs and weaknesses! Get to know your King! Worship Him!

Verse 3: His subjects are to love one another; His rule is characterized by love, and the message of His Kingdom is one of peace. He sets the captives free, and brings justice and righteousness to all the earth! So we give Him honor and thanks with our voices, and even our whole lives! This Promised One is our King! Let us honor Him always! Never stop telling others of His greatness!

May we not shy away from the message of Christmas this season!


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One response to “O Holy Night

  1. stephanie

    December 16, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Love this! …my favorite line, “Now that He’s here, we know how valued we are as children of the Heavenly Father”


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