Good News

08 Oct

I was in Best Buy the other day, watching my nephews play video games, when all of a sudden, a blue-shirted employee ran up to me and said, “Have you heard the good news?!?!”

Now, there’s really only one response that you can make to that question: “No, what is it?!?!”

And that’s exactly what I said.

The answer, however, was fairly uninspiring.

Apparently, Best Buy and DirecTV have some sort of new partnership that will provide a better customer experience for satellite TV subscribers.

As excited as she was to share this good news, I had to tell her that I currently don’t have a home of my own, so that partnership really wasn’t good news for me right now.

But I must say, she was very excited when she related that news. I’m pretty sure it was the paycheck, more than any personal benefit (to her or to me), which motivated her, but her enthusiasm was impressive nonetheless.

Good news.

How often do we overflow with good news? Perhaps we regularly enough relate facts that reveal a preferred situation (“Our team won the championship!”), but how frequently do we yearn to relate news because of its profound, internal impact on us? Sure, getting a pay raise may be a nice bonus in life, but does the eagerness to share such news come from a deep place within of a changed life, the kind of news that must be related so that all those who hear it can enjoy? Or even more, that by relating to others and getting them excited, my own joy can be made complete?

I’m trying to remember the last time I went out of my way to share a piece of intensely personal, joy-upwelling, good news with someone else.

There is a video of me that I was reminded of recently, where I was speaking in front of a group of people, and I began my talk by relating such a piece of news: “I got the ring!” I had just purchased an engagement ring and was planning to propose shortly thereafter.

That was nearly 6 years ago. And she did say yes, and we did get married, so that led to some other good news to share along the way.

How about since then?

It seems like I shouldn’t have to examine my life too closely in order to find these bits of truly good news; they should be the kind of things that can’t be mistaken or ignored,  the kinds of events that stick out and stick with me. But sadly, it seems that they can all too often be quickly forgotten. The overjoyed news of last week quickly fades amidst the hard times of today.

I wonder how many times that Best Buy employee shared the same news with different people on the same day. I wonder if she kept up her zeal the whole time. What about the next time she came into work? Was she still enthusiastic?

Do I have good news? I do. Do I feel the irrepressible desire to share it with others–friends, family, even fellow customers at Best Buy?


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